Five In A Row Plans For 2012/2013

FIAR Vol 1



Last year Shai and Ezra (and mama) read through and worked through the curriculum Before Five In A Row. The kids loved it so much that Shai will continue on with Five In A Row (thank you Grandma Candace!!!).

Ezra and Sydney will work together on BFIAR.

As I said before, we will go through Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. I decided to follow the FIAR planning that Michelle did from Delightful Learning, because it was so detailed and planned very well! She has an amazing blog and I encourage you to visit!

Now- I’m so excited for our books to arrive!!


Here is our (Shai & Mama) reading plan for 2012/2013 – All planning credit due here is Michelle’s List (original).

Late Summer (possibly Early Fall)  2012: (Focus area: USA)

Book Title

  1. Miss Rumphius – USA – New England, world travel, lupine
  2. Down, Down the Mountain – USA – Appalachia, turnips, gardening, fair (enter our turnips/lapbook in the county fair)
  3. How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World – world travel, apples, baking
  4. Harold and the Purple Crayon – colors, moon phases

Fall 2012: (Focus area: USA)

  1. Who Owns the Sun? USA – South, slavery, nature, seasons
  2. Lentil – USA – Ohio, music/harmonica, small towns
  3. Night of the Moonjellies – New England – Maine, jellyfish,
  4. Storm in the Night – USA, thunderstorms
  5. Three Names – USA – Midwest, prairie life, wagons, school, marbles, tornadoes
  6. When I Was Young in the Mountains – USA – Appalachia, mountain life, family, old ways
  7. Cranberry Thanksgiving- Pilgrims, Pumpkins, Cranberry Bread, Grandmother
  8. Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge – USA – NYC, lighthouses, bridges,
  1. Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel – USA – “Popperville”, big machines, steam power
  2. Warm as Wool – USA – Ohio, pioneers, sheep, wool, knitting
  3. A New Coat for Anna – Europe, wool production, dying wool, weaving, sewing, bartering
  4. Very Last First Time – Canada, Inuit, ocean life, bravery
  5. Another Celebrated Dancing Bear- Russia, Bears

Late Winter 2013:

  1. Owl Moon-  Woods, Moon, Woodland Animals
  2. Katy and the Big Snow- City, Maps, Directions (N.S.E.W.)
  3. The Rag Coat- Coal, Quilting
Spring 2013:
Volume 1

  1. Grandfather’s Journey, USA-San Francisco, Japan, WWII, family timeline
  2. A Pair of Red Clogs, summer, Japan, telling the truth, possessions, mother/daughter
  3. Papa Piccolo, spring, Italy- Venice, Italian customs, cats/adoption, adventure
Volume 2
  1. Wee Gillis, Scotland, bagpipes, decisions, family
  2. They Were Strong and Good, USA, genealogy, travel, Civil War
  3. Make Way for Ducklings, Spring, USA – Boston, ducks, cities, families
  4. Mr. Gumpy’s Motor Car, summer, England, car ride, animal friends, cooperation
  5. All Those Secrets of the World, summer, USA, WWII, beach, family
  6. Follow the Drinking Gourd, summer, USA, South, slavery, underground RR, hidden message

Spring / Early Summer: (Focus area: Europe)

  1. Mrs. Katz and Tush- Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Loving Your Neighbor
  2. Madeline – France, Paris, order/routine 
  3. The Tale of Peter Rabbit – England, gardening, Beatrix Potter,
  4. The Glorious Flight – France/English Channel, flying, inventions
  5. Mirrette on the Highwire – France, tight-wire practice, balance, circus
  6. Story of Ferdinand – Spain, bullfighting (rodeo?), gentleness, flowers

5 thoughts on “Five In A Row Plans For 2012/2013

    • Hi Michelle! Do you know something I don’t know:) Ha Ha!! We have no plans for a visit yet, but hope it will be soon, since we have’t seen our families in two years and our kids have grown so much!!

      That’s a good idea, I will hold off doing The Story About Ping, it would be better read in the beautiful Northwest!

  1. hi, julia! just this week we made the decision to pull heron out of preschool (she was supposed to start at a local co-op the second week of september) & officially begin homeschooling! so i am about to order all of the BFIAR books, along with some other materials. i already have the BFIAR teacher’s manual that i ordered last year, but none of us were truly ready for the commitment at the time, so we didn’t make it very far😉 now, i’m armed with conviction & excitement, & heron can’t wait!

    • That’s Wonderful Michelle! You will love teaching BFIAR. There are also many sites that have printouts to go along with the books. You can look back through our BFIAR and see what site I referenced. There is also a FIAR blog hop to see what other families are doing. You will have a great year of learning!

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